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        分享 1842——赫歇爾-藍曬法工藝
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:41
        Herschel – Cyanotype 赫歇爾-藍曬法工藝 1842 – Introduction of the cyanotype process, also known as the blueprint process,by Sir John Herschel (1792 – 1871) a British astronomer who was trying to find a way of copying his notes. 1842——英國天文學家約翰·赫歇爾爵士 ...
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        分享 1841——俯瞰水谷迪恩村的景色
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:40
        Dean Orphanage, Calotype ~View looking over Dean Village in the valley of the Water 迪恩孤兒院,卡羅式照相法-俯瞰水谷迪恩村的景色 1841 – The ‘Calotype’ (Greek for ‘beautiful picture’) process is patented by British scientist and inventor William Henry Fox Talbot (1 ...
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        分享 佩茲瓦爾透鏡設計
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:40
        Petzval lens design 佩茲瓦爾透鏡設計 The first portrait lens is invented by Viennese mathematician Joseph Max Petzval (1807 – 1891), it takes circular pictures. 第一個人像鏡頭是維也納數學家約瑟夫·馬克斯·佩茲瓦爾(1807-1891)發明的,拍攝的是圓形照片。 未經 ...
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        分享 希波利特·巴耶爾-溺水自盡者
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:39
        Hippolyte Bayard – Drowned. 希波利特•巴耶爾-溺水自盡者 Self portrait as a drowned man by Frenchman Hippolyte Bayard (1801 – 1887), who invented his own method to print direct positives on paper, lampoons the photographers eclipse by Daguerre. 發明了“直接正 ...
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        分享 約翰·威廉·德雷珀博士-月亮
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:38
        Dr J W Draper – The Moon. 約翰•威廉•德雷珀博士-月亮 Probably the earliest moon shot is taken by the English born New York chemistry professor John William Draper (1811 – 1882). 紐約化學教授約翰·威廉·德雷珀(1811-1882)拍攝的這幅照片,可能是最早的月球 ...
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        分享 1840年——達蓋爾-藝術工作室
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:37
        Daguerre – L’Atelier de l’artiste. 達蓋爾-藝術工作室 1840——Exposure time is reduced to half a minute, allowing nude models to pose as comfortably for a daguerreotype as a for a painting. 1840年——曝光時間減少到半分鐘,允許在用達蓋爾攝影法拍攝時,裸體模特的姿勢可 ...
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        分享 薩克斯頓-費城中央中學
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:37
        Saxton – Philadelphia Central High 薩克斯頓-費城中央中學 The arsenal and cupola of Philadelphia Central High are the subject of the oldest extant American photograph shot by the United States Mint official and inventor Joseph Saxton (1799 – 1873). 反映了費城中央中 ...
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        分享 雅典衛城
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:36
        Pierre Gustave Joly de Lotbinière – The Acropolis Athens. 皮埃爾·古斯塔夫·加斯帕德·喬利·德·洛比尼·雷爾-雅典衛城 The Acropolis at Athens by the Swiss born Canadian Pierre Gustave Gaspard Joly de Lotbinière (1798 – 1865) is a typical early daguerreotype. Building ...
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        分享 1839年——達蓋爾-裝置
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:36
        Daguerre – apparatus 達蓋爾-裝置 1839——Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787 – 1851), French artist and photographer, publishes instructions immediately after the French government divulges details of the daguerreotype process. The 79 page manual is an instant hit. ...
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        分享 1838年——惠斯通-立體鏡
        zhcvl 2019-8-21 09:35
        Wheatstone – Stereoscope 惠斯通-立體鏡 1838——invention of the stereoscope by an English scientist and inventor Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802 – 1875). 1838年——英國科學家和發明家查爾斯·惠斯通(1802 – 1875)發明了立體鏡。 未經授權,不得轉載!
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